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We’re straight shooters, and we want a productive, mutually-respectful relationship with you.  We strive to be crystal clear, so no surprises.  We practice Win/Win or No Deal: if we’re not a good fit, we’ll explain why and move on.


You bring the idea.  We’ll help you make it real.  From developing applications for the cloud, mobile-first applications, to legacy systems modernization or rule-based systems, SOTA brings the breadth and expertise to help you be successful.


When you’ve been in business as long as we have, you learn some things along the way.  We always try to do the best possible job within real-world constraints.   We embrace continuous improvement.  We love what we do.

  • Research

    Research and compare various technology options, explore consequences and make recommendations.

  • Whitepapers

    Author whitepapers, sales/marketing collateral, patent applications.

  • Lifecycle Methods

    Select and deploy software development lifecycle methodologies to fit your needs.

  • Tool Selection

    Select state-of-the-art tools to support efficient software development.

  • Recruiting

    Recruit talented and capable engineers and architects.

  • Architecture

    Choose a cost-effective architecture and technology stack.

  • Design

    Author epics, stories, and design-phase deliverables.

  • Programming

    Software engineering, programming, integration and unit testing.

On-Premise to Cloud

We have your front and back end covered.  Whether you’re planning a new hand-held app to integrate with the cloud, or a new API for your enterprise applications, we can help you choose the right tools.

Continuous Learning

Perhaps our greatest gift is a strong aptitude for acquiring new skills.  We’re learning all the time.  If your project involves some special domain knowledge or cutting-edge technology, we’ll start Googling.

What others say about us

I’ve worked with few people who deserve the label of “professional” more than Dave. He brings an unmatched level of focus, intelligence and passion to his craft. And I have always particularly appreciated his gift for patiently articulating and explaining complicated technical concepts to those less technical than himself. I could always trust him and count on him in any scenario, and sincerely hope to work with him again in the future.

Michael BleylePartner at Nimble Consulting GroupNimble Consulting Group, LLP

David is an enthusiastic, diligent, passionate and effective software developer & architect, as well as a capable people manager. Following Progress Software’s acquisition of Corticon he stepped up to managing the engineering team over the key transition period, ensuring that the acquisition was successful and the team stayed together – and then he continued to lead the evolution and development of the product line with his typical enthusiasm and tremendous energy. David was a genuine pleasure to work with and manage, and was a great asset with customers and the Field. I look forwards to an opportunity to work with him again.

Mark D. SpiteriVice President of R&D at Software AG Software AG

I had the good fortune to work with David both as a colleague and as his manager at Progress Software. David is master of his craft. His blend of top notch technical and communication skills combined with his drive to deliver a great product and overall “can do” attitude will make him a valuable member of any team lucky to have him.

Jim ArsenaultSenior Engineering ManagerProgress Software Corporation

I’ve worked with David for the past 8 years, and have never come across a task he was not up to. His meticulous approach to problem solving and and skill at delivering a solution are exceeded only by his patience and ability to explain the most complicated topic to others less technical.

Hire this man. Work with him, for him or put him on your team and your organization will be the better for it.

Christopher HoganSenior Systems EngineerProgress Software Corporation

David is undoubtedly the greatest software developers I’ve ever worked with. He provided a font of knowledge which I came to rely on. His skill set and friendship over our many years working together proved to be an essential element to whatever success I was able to achieve. On top of all of his skill and knowledge, he’s a great worker and co-worker who graciously offered his knowledge and help to his teammates. Thanks David you are one of the greats!

Frederick (Freddy) MooreSinger-Songwriter-Guitarist (Nu Kat Boys)

I’ve worked with David over many years and have always found him very willing to share his considerable experience. He’s always made himself available to provide technical advice to help the folks working in the field. The work he has done in creating the Corticon Foundation APIs has laid the groundwork for us to be able to build very sophisticated rules based systems.

Mike ParishSenior Solutions Consultant - Corticon Business RulesProgress Software Corporation

David was part of the Corticon development team when I worked with him at Corticon Technologies and Progress Software. During that time, he proved to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. This made a huge difference in my line of work (presales) when dealing with product related questions, issues and requests from prospects and customers. David always took these very seriously and was amazingly prompt and detailed in his answers. Many improvements to the product were due to David’s actions! I was particularly impressed how David completely re-architected the Corticon solution which will give us a solid foundation to build upon for years to come. I heartily recommend David and would be only too happy to work with him again.

Harold Jan-VerleeSenior Solutions ConsultantProgress Software Corporation

Over the past 5 years I have been working very regularly as a consultant/developer with Dave the ‘developer’. No question remained unanswered and very often Dave went above and beyond to help, regardless of (and in addition to) the pressure of other tasks he needed to complete. His expertise on Java and Corticon/Java is without doubt one of the strongest I have ever seen and sometimes just sharing a vision of the solution was enough for both of us to resolve issues at hand.

Jan van NimwegenPartner at Nimble Consulting GroupNimble Consulting Group, LLP